Miley refers to fans as friends!

Us fans are Miley’s therapists;


In a new MileyWorld blog Miley is telling us her feelings on how her day went.

Honestly I am so over these photographers! I went to the salon to visit my buddy Scott and bring him a snack and it turned in to total chaos! After I saw him I went with his best friend Fisher to a store he works at and when I was leaving there was at least 30 photographers. Its really scary for me, especially being a new driver! Sorry I’m venting but somehow I feel like my fans are the only people I can talk to. I love you guys I really miss Nashville today….

What do you think about this?
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2 Responses to “Miley refers to fans as friends!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    aww that was sweet.

  2. alejandra Says:

    days like today i would love for miley to have a twitter so all her fans could comunicate with her and give her all our support. :)

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