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Hannah Montana season 4 Spoiler!

January 31, 2010

WARNING! This video gives away what happens in the finale of season 3 and gives you a little info. about season 4.

Do not watch if you like surprises!

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Miley’s Record Breaking Year

January 29, 2010

Miley Cyrus
smashed records in 2009 with her hit TV show, Hannah Montana.

The Disney Channel series – which turned Miley into a global teenage sensation – became even more of a phenomenon as it achieved new heights of success across the world, as it sold over a million albums, was watched by over 70 million people in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and millions of merchandise.

Nicoletta Gelli from Disney Channel said; “We firmly set our sights on 2009 being the year of Hannah Montana – the series has achieved phenomenal success.”

The fourth season of the show, which focuses on a teenage starlet’s struggle to be normal, is set to premiere on Disney Channel later this year.


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Hannah Montana; Sister Secrets (with Brandi Cyrus)

January 27, 2010

Credit; AnythingDisney.
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Hannah Montana – Should I Neigh Or Should I Go (Sneak Peak)

January 26, 2010

This is a preview of the Hannah Montana Season 3 Finale!
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REMEMBER: There is one more episode that’s going to air before this episode on Disney!

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Taylor Momsen talks Hannah Montana

January 24, 2010

For those of you who didn’t know,
Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen was one of the final three
including Miley Cyrus left for the role of Hannah Montana.
Obviously Miley got the role,
but in a recent interview Taylor talked about Hannah Montana,
and how she glad she didn’t get the part.

Taylor said;
Honestly, if I’d have ended up as Hannah Montana, I don’t know if the show would have gone as well. I probably would have told them all to go f*** themselves by the time I hit 11. And I don’t know how that would have gone down. It’s great for Miley, but I really like where I am right now and I feel really fortunate to be able to really be myself.”

Woah, that’s a little intense don’t you think :l
Read the rest of the interview here.
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New Hannah Montana “The Wheel Near My Bed (Keeps On Turnin’)”

January 23, 2010

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First week of production on HM Season 4!

January 21, 2010

So this week was the FIRST week Hannah Montana Season 4 came into production!

With the stars @MileyCyrus (Whom deleted her twitter over 100 days ago) @emilyosment & @mitchelmusso + more!Now us fans, have anxiously been awaiting a tweet or a twitpic of a picture from the set or any insides scoops.

It appears that Emily tweeted something about Hannah Montana. This is what she said;

1 scene, 2 takes, yeah son! Sigh, good to be back, I’ve missed all these lovely faces, especially the chick with the wig. ;)”

Also on Miley & Mandy’s OFFICIAL youtube page,
Miley changed up the about me a little so now it says;

We both are super busy right now! Mandy is working on BeachGirl5 and I am back to Season 4 of HM. This makes it hard to hang out and make videos so this channel will be used not only for Miley and Mandy shows but personal individual videos that also will be posted on Miley World/! Love you guys! xo

 The super star says she can’t wait for the world to see how teen pop sensation Hannah Montana will be coming to an end. She says it’s unexpected, but she hopes HM will be in the kids hearts forever!

Well Hannah Montana, here we are, and we can’t wait to see what you guys are bringing to us!

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Season 4 FIRST day of Production!

January 18, 2010

It’s here! It’s finally here!

Today is the first day on the last season of ‘Hannah Montana’ .

This seasons includes a new studio set, new plots, story lines, locations, and difficulites.

Miley says that she’s most excied for the sason due to the fact it’s going to be more like reality, and she can relate to it more.

In total theirs suppose to be 101 episodes. But if the opening ratings are extremely high they’re is a possibility of them adding more episodes. These episodes will start when season 3 is finished in mid march!

Some of the stars are @mitchelmusso@emilyosment. Follow them, they might give us updates and or pictures!

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Hannah Montana Season 4 Updates!

January 15, 2010

Production begins Monday in Hollywood on the fourth season of the global sensation “Hannah Montana,” one filled with exciting, pivotal story arcs and event episodes. The hit series’ finale episode will air in spring 2011 on Disney Channel U.S. and, shortly thereafter, on Disney Channels around the world, where the total of 101 episodes will continue in daily encore telecasts. Starring Miley Cyrus in the title role, the Emmy-nominated comedy has dominated the kid and tween business and impacted popular culture since its 2006 debut. Its soundtracks are among the biggest, fastest successes the pop charts have seen in years, and the series provided a springboard for the multitalented Cyrus to become an international superstar with projects spanning Disney’s television, music, radio, consumer products and film divisions, including a #1 debut movie that grossed nearly $150 million at the global box office.

’Hannah Montana’ has defined a generation of kids and tweens – not just as a television event, but as a significant moment in pop culture history. This fourth season is an expression of Miley Cyrus’ personal commitment to ensuring that ‘Hannah’ will live forever in the hearts and minds of kids everywhere,” said Gary Marsh, Chief Creative Officer and President, Entertainment, Disney Channels Worldwide.

A two-part cliffhanger, “Miley Says Goodbye?,” will conclude the current season SUNDAY, MARCH 7 and SUNDAY, MARCH 14 (7:30 p.m., ET/PT both nights) on Disney Chanel. In the episode, which will also be available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Miley Stewart faces the biggest decision of her life – whether to say goodbye to her life in Malibu or to listen to her heart and return to her Crowley Corners ranch and beloved horse Blue Jeans in Tennessee. Meanwhile, Jackson (played by Jason Earles) moves into his own apartment, Lilly (played by actress and recording artist Emily Osment) is contemplating what to do after her mom accepts a job in Atlanta, and Oliver (played by actor and recording artist Mitchel Musso) must decide whether to stay with his two best friends or go on the road to pursue his fledgling music career.

The fourth season, debuting on Disney Channel in summer 2010, will introduce all-new songs, music videos and sets. The storyline finds Miley Stewart questioning whether she has the best of both worlds and if she can continue with her alter-ego, Hannah Montana, or leave it all behind forever to be an ordinary girl. The season will include guest stars Ray Liotta (“Goodfellas“) and Angus T. Jones (“Two and a Half Men“), among others.

Hannah Montana” has delivered all-time high levels in Total Viewers and has virtually matched its Season Two high ratings among Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14. In 2009, “Hannah Montana” was Disney Channel’s #1 series in Total Viewers and Tweens 9-14, and No. 2 in Kids 6-11. Ranking a dominant #1 in its Sunday 7:30 p.m. time period, “Hannah Montana” placed among TV’s Top 10 programs in both target kid demos in 2009.

The “Hannah Montana” brand continues to be the dominant tween juggernaut at retail, across all categories. The four hugely successful “Hannah Montana” soundtracks have sold 12 million CDs (one made history as the first TV soundtrack to debut on the Billboard Top 200 and the most recent feature film soundtrack ranks among the top albums released in 2009), as well as popular episodic compilation DVDs, a junior novel series, apparel, accessories and video games. In addition to the #1 “Hannah Montana The Movie” grossing nearly $150 million at the global box office, Miley Cyrus headlined a sold out concert tour in which she performed songs from the series, as well as songs that introduced her as a new solo recording artist. That tour also delivered a 3D concert film, “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert,” in Disney Digital 3-D, which is the #1 concert film of all time. Miley Cyrus can next be seen headlining in Touchstone Pictures “The Last Song,” to premiere in theatres in April 2010.

Starring are Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana, Emily Osment as Lilly Truscott, Jason Earles as Jackson Stewart, Billy Ray Cyrus as Robby Stewart and Moises Arias as Rico. Mitchel Musso will reprise his role as Oliver Oken in a special guest appearance.

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McCains talks Miley Cyrus & Hannah!

January 10, 2010

McCain (Obamas) competition in being the president of the U.S.  Didn’t win that spot almost two years ago, Now McCain is back to give us a speech how Miley is a good character and is influential but Hannah Montana is fake?

MCCAIN’S exact words:

With a brief announcement by pop-sensation Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana the television show comes to an end. The daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus says that she is quitting the show after the current season.

Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana

I will not be comparing Miley Cyrus with Democrat Senators Byron Dorgan and Christopher Dodd, who both quit their senate seats because of the unpopularity of their party’s president. They would have loved to keep their jobs. In the case of Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana remains the most influential teenage personality on television today, while the actress herself is the most sought after teen performer in show business. Unlike disreputable politicians who voted for policies against the American people’s interests, she remains popular and all too American apple pie.

My boys, 6 and 5, naturally prefer to play with trucks and baseballs. And yet even these little guys will take in an occasional Hannah Montana episode when the parents aren’t paying attention. We even took them to the last Miley Cyrus movie on our last seaside vacation in a small town which only had one theater, our version of roughing it in the McCain household.

As a marketing powerhouse the show is brilliant, perhaps the only one that teenagers actually like to watch and parents sort of approve. In a sanctimonious way we are of course unsure that saying “dang” and “dude” are the best ideas for our children’s virgin ears, but we notice with approval that the principal at Hannah Montana’s school is not passing out free condoms to all comers. Besides. we think to ourselves, we might have uttered those 4-letter D words ourselves back in the day. The reasons for our approval of Miley Cyrus suggests that we are parental hypocrites who have lost our perspective in a few short years.

We also notice that the sex theme is missing from the show, making Hannah Montana a robot of sorts programmed in in a faux image we have of teenagers who we never were ourselves. She just doesn’t think it, ever, and neither do any of her friends. What’s a joint? Parents are strangely comforted but we sure knew differently back then. Of course I remember smarty pants Ernie with his Pepsi bottle glasses in the front row of math class, but the rest of us were talking about girls. And most of us were trying to get under their shirts, something that happens today to varying degrees of success and with no long term ill effects. It’s part of growing up. And no, they won’t tell you what is happening and neither did we.

What teenagers like about the show is that she sort of talks like them and wears cool clothing. She is a rock star too and that goes very far in teen land. So we have a jet setting rock star who doesn’t drink or think about the opposite sex, ever. Comforting for parents and tolerable for teens making for a huge Disney money making machine.

My problem with Miley Cyrus isn’t so much the warm cheer in her message, but that the message itself is demonstrably phony for 98% of the population. Who among us did not touch a drop of booze before age 21? Who thinks that is really a great idea for teenagers who need to experience life to find wisdom? Who hung out with those kids in high school, and would we really want those dorks hanging out with our kids?

Reader comments are invited as always. What do you think of Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, and this preposterous albeit warm-hearted presentation of American innocence on our television sets?

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