Stills from ‘The Last Song’

‘The Last Song’ is now premiering on March 31st NOT April 2nd. Like we said in earlier posts. Don’t be surprised if they change it.. Well, they did! This time is legit!

Here are some pictures from the upcoming movie: Click here!

Are you going to watch the movie?

Credit: @GossipFasho

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6 Responses to “Stills from ‘The Last Song’”

  1. Grisel Says:

    Mileeeyy I love you! Soy de Argentina.. See you!

  2. xBjoern Says:

    damn it.
    no cool movie for valentines.

    thanks for the valentines topic though!
    -what is not yet here this year, but what we will have the next!!
    I hope the little kid tells jokes on a seperate disc or something.
    And if Miley screwed up scenes they should be on a secret special edition. Hopefully!!

  3. xBjoern Says:

    Good luck with the virus thing. I don`t know how to see how the computer should work and making it run that way. I always send it for someone to brake it open, run some software and kill all the bugs.

  4. xBjoern Says:

    ah, oh.-no!! Nicole is still struggling with bugs.
    Pitures are missing and what about the stills.
    While we are witing for “The Last Song”, another Nic-sparks film is out right now. And “Avatar” is taking serious hits from this romantic drama!!

    “Dear John” to warm up while we are waiting for “The Last Song”, awesome.

  5. xBjoern Says:

    Nicole has been online every day from Miley arrived in London.
    This is the best miley source. bar-none.
    please come back soon !!

  6. xBjoern Says:

    heres a funny little one.
    I love the ending.

    No matter how the relationship with Liam turns out, it looks the most stable Miley ever had.
    Gotta respect that!
    I hope she goes to school, have one cool sitcom and keep doing concerts, films, and appear in the media.

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