New ‘Get UR Good On’

What have you been doing to ‘Get Ur Good On’?

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3 Responses to “New ‘Get UR Good On’”

  1. Miley Says:

    Hahaha this is soo old though! cute, very cute, but kind of old :s

    and i thought i would share the fact that im teaching blind kids how to skate and volumteering at the friendship circle :D

  2. xBjoern Says:

    I have been focusing, latly on doing positive acts making people feel better about themselves. it`s a great thing to have going, and you as a person feel much better. it`s a life-skill, connecting to people in a genuine way, and it`s hard. it very much comes down to respect. and really making a real relationship with other people.

    the world is already filled with hate and other negative results of humans growing bad behaviour; make sure you never become one of them. a mother once said, that fake material, and people- resolves and fade away. solid people become real, and find a purpose in life. very much like happy-ever-after.

    I wish that for more people. spread the word.

  3. xBjoern Says:

    hey Nicole!!
    found your passion yet??

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