Happy B-day Liam!

Today is Liam’s 20th birthday!

Happy Birthday! Sorry Miley can’t spend too much of the day with you due to the Grammys, getting ready and all that fun stuff!

Also a special happy birthday to @MileyCyrusTour

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3 Responses to “Happy B-day Liam!”

  1. xBjoern Says:

    happy birthday Liam!!!!
    you got a great girl, you know….. (cryingg)- take good care of her…
    -no I`m kidding.
    -All the best!-

  2. xBjoern Says:

    “The promise ring” or “latest in cool behaviour” (=;

    I`m trying real hard to stay on topic here, in this cool forum and all.
    Just looked at this, has Liam in it-on topic, and the ending is surprising + totally awesome.

  3. Monica Says:

    happy bday liam! U r amazing and Miley and you are perfect for each other!

    <3 @Miley_Liam4Ever

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