Tonight on E!

(Miley at last years Academy’s Awards)

Miley will be appearing on the Grammys confirmed presenting an award. Also unconfirmed, but maybe she will be singing the #1 killer song of 09 ‘Party In The USA! I guess we will find out shortly!

Some of Miley’s friends will be appearing tonight include: Jb, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner etc!

Miley’s song ‘The Climb’ was disqualified from the list due to the song not being specifically for the sound track.

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@TeamCyrusUs & @WeAdoreMiley


4 Responses to “Grammys!”

  1. #TeamMiley Says:

    Cant wait for 2nite, but that pic is from the Oscars (;

  2. xBjoern Says:

    I`m glad the prettiest girl in the world is able to make it to the grammies!!
    For me; I`m tuning in for the taped edition, and hoping Miley is in it!!
    -I`m just a boy, haha :)


    -I`m listening to my favourite song of the 9, she serously belong to music-

  3. Lena Says:

    I’ll stand up 2 in the mornin just to see Miley yayyy
    i give a fuck of school…

  4. xBjoern Says:

    Just do school @ Lena.
    School will go back to hunt you later, good grades are worth it,
    and everyone can learn everything with the correct attitude.
    If you don`t get it, it`s how you are reading. Go to A students and see for yourself how they did it. ;)

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