New MileyWorld Blog – A Great Day!

Miley Cyrus updated her MileyWorld blog a few minutes ago saying,

Had an awesome day! Slept in until my puppy Mate woke me up with kisses @ 10:30! I sat outside for an hour drinking coffee with my dad, mate, and his doggy tex! Daddy and I caught up on so much stuff! It was so refreshing to enjoy the LA sun with my papa! After that I got ready and drank MORE coffee with my friend Scott and then met up with our friend Fisher and did some shopping!!! I love WEHO! It was so awesome to take Mate out and about and have a day just chillin with the ones I love! Its so great that Mate is a puppy so I can tae him everywhere but it won’t be long until he’s his full size! He’s a german shepard and will get up to 125 lbs! Ahhh! It’ll be a bit more difficult to fit him in my Prius haha! Now I’m at dinner with my dad, Braison, Noah, and Liam! This day has been the best one in a while! Xoxoxo

Aw we glad you had a great day Miles, you definately deserve it :)

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2 Responses to “New MileyWorld Blog – A Great Day!”

  1. Monica Says:

    awww glad to know shes having fun!

  2. Amiley Says:

    awww miley deserves this day! It’s so funny she wrote “Papa” i’m from Germany :) I love her <3

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