Miley Viral!

Miley’s OFFICIAL viral accounts!

Miley’s Youtube: mileymandy
Miley’s Facebook: mileycyrus
Miley’s Myspace: mileycyrus
Miley’s Official Site: mileycyrus
Miley’s Official Fanclub: mileyworld
Miley’s Bebo: mileycyrus
Miley’s Charity: geturgoodon

Miley’s representative goes on Miley’s Facebook and Myspace.
Miley has NO say to both those sites.

Support Miley by checking them out, becoming fan,
subscribing, or adding her as a friend!

Which sites do you follow Miley in?

For the fastest news on Miley follow us on Twitter;
@teamcyrusus & @weadoremiley


One Response to “Miley Viral!”

  1. Ash Says:

    bebo is the only site where i don’t follow her until now :D
    i’m in her youtube everyday,she is in my friend in myspace & i’m her fan from 3 accounts in facebook :d

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