Miley Cyrus helps Haiti!

Miley Cyrus gave a huge boost to Simon Cowell‘s Haiti’s Mercy project
last night as she signed up to be part of Simon’s continued search
for more stars to get involved to be a part of the charity single.

Simon had already recruited UK acts JLS, Cheryl Cole & Susan Boyle,
but also hopes to bring in stars such as
Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, George Michael & Robbie Williams.
Simon’s hope is to raise millions with a cover single of REM’s Everybody Hurts,
to be recorded this week.
But last night talks to bring in music heavyweights were said to be at a “delicate stage“.

A source said;
The likes of Robbie, Macca, Elton and George are names Simon would love to get involved. But a lot of stars have been getting a lot of offers from other projects and there are also logistical hurdles to overcome before they agree.”

The single will be released next Monday.

Here is the song that they are going to be covering,

I think this is a really great project for Miley to be working on,
because she truely has such a beautiful voice.
But note that, Miley hasn’t confirmed that she is a part of this project!

Thank you @JacquelineRose7 & TalkisCheap.
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