Ke$ha on Miley, “I totally support her.”

Pop Princess Ke$ha was interviewed this week by Entertainment Weekly,
and they asked her a bunch of questions
including her opinion on Miley Cyrus who recored her song,
‘The Time Of Our Lives’ !

Ke$ha said:I never really had an opinion either way about her until I met her and she recorded my song. And that girl can sing! And I have mad respect for how much shit she gets for being so young and has such a good attitude. So I totally support her.”

It looks like Ke$ha is Team Miley :)
Click here for the rest of the interview!

And here is a video of Miley, Brandi, and Ke$ha at Katsuya,
back in August!

What do you guys think about this?
Leave a comment below with your opinion!

Thank you @JacquelineRose7.
& Thank you TalkisCheap for the video.
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One Response to “Ke$ha on Miley, “I totally support her.””

  1. sofi3 Says:

    love her even more now!!

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