First week of production on HM Season 4!

So this week was the FIRST week Hannah Montana Season 4 came into production!

With the stars @MileyCyrus (Whom deleted her twitter over 100 days ago) @emilyosment & @mitchelmusso + more!Now us fans, have anxiously been awaiting a tweet or a twitpic of a picture from the set or any insides scoops.

It appears that Emily tweeted something about Hannah Montana. This is what she said;

1 scene, 2 takes, yeah son! Sigh, good to be back, I’ve missed all these lovely faces, especially the chick with the wig. ;)”

Also on Miley & Mandy’s OFFICIAL youtube page,
Miley changed up the about me a little so now it says;

We both are super busy right now! Mandy is working on BeachGirl5 and I am back to Season 4 of HM. This makes it hard to hang out and make videos so this channel will be used not only for Miley and Mandy shows but personal individual videos that also will be posted on Miley World/! Love you guys! xo

 The super star says she can’t wait for the world to see how teen pop sensation Hannah Montana will be coming to an end. She says it’s unexpected, but she hopes HM will be in the kids hearts forever!

Well Hannah Montana, here we are, and we can’t wait to see what you guys are bringing to us!

Remember for the eye opener, fast breaking, speedy news. We are Nicole and Nick from twitter!
@TeamCyrusUs & @WeAdoreMiley

Nicole                           Nick


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