Miley and Selena duet POLL.

The category that wins will be announced tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. EST. pacific time!

Thanks for voting, and leave us a comment below with the thoughts that come in your brain about this topic and these celebrities!

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P.S. Their was NO news on anything if Miley and Selena were going to do a duet. This was just completely random and out of the blue.

RUMOR HAS IT: UPDATED: January 21st: That infact Miley, Selena, Demi, and the Jonas Brothers will be doing a duet soon!

Thanks: @DisneyStarFacts


5 Responses to “Miley and Selena duet POLL.”

  1. fgdfc Says:

    selena can’t effing sing!! it’s like the amazing Miley with the awful of selena, i think send it on was enough

  2. SayWhat Says:

    Would rather walk through hell in gasoline drawers than have Miley go slumming and sing with that wench. TEAM CYRUS….all others FAIL!

  3. sofi3 Says:

    rather have miley and demi!!!!

  4. Monica Says:

    nooo selena is amazing 2! they should both do it together!

  5. jemi!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    it should be miley demi:/

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