Liam on Miley, “She’s so easy to be around”

Miley Cyrus’s Aussie boyfriend has opened his heart about his feelings for the star.

Actor Liam Hemsworth, 19, said the Hannah Montana singer is “normal” and “down to earth” despite her fame.

Speaking to Australia’s NW magazine, Liam said: “From the first day I met her, she’s so easy to be around and to work with, she’s such a normal person.”

She’s so down to earth, you can think a lot of things about what she’s going to be like and how she’s going to be like to work with and it was nothing but good things.”

Liam and Miley met when filming the movie The Last Song in 2009.

The Aussie hunk said they shared a kiss – for the cameras – on the first day of shooting.

I turned up on set on the first day and I saw just how big a star she was.”
“One end of the beach was blocked off for photographers and the other end was blocked off for her fans.”
“Then we did this scene and it was a fun one. We were running through the water and I had to pick her up and splash around.”
The director, Julie Anne Robinson, yelled, ‘Kiss!’ and we got thrown into a kiss.”

Article straight from Celebrity News Now.
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3 Responses to “Liam on Miley, “She’s so easy to be around””

  1. Beth Says:

    awh cute XD

  2. Team Miley Says:

    Nick who? Team Miley. Very cute :D

  3. bjoern Says:

    Liam is leaning in a little. but so what. guess girls will always be a little cooler.
    -or cute!!
    but two people already said that.
    I hope miley and liam does this authentic john august film.
    and tell people how this complex romance came together.
    I wanna see that film (;

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