Perez actually LIKES Miley!

Everyone knows the blogger Perez Hilton, for bashing people on his website,
and one of his favorite people to bash is Miley Cyrus.
Miley even confronted Perez once and told him how hurtful,
his comments are and how she doesn’t appreciate it.
Miley also called Perez a douche in an interview!
You get him Miley :)

But we now have breaking news,
Perez just admitted that he really likes Miley!

He tweeted;
“I have a secret confession! I actually, really like MILEY CYRUS. A lot!”

I mean i guess it was pretty obvious since he talks about her all the time.
So maybe this means he will stop being mean to her?
What do you guys think?
Leave us a comment below with your opinion!

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6 Responses to “Perez actually LIKES Miley!”

  1. caro Says:

    Nope he still bashes britney and he loves her so it wont be any different with Mi……

  2. Lena Says:

    i totally agree with caro
    he will not stop…stupid ass
    :( poor Miles

  3. Nileyluvv Says:

    Doubt it :P haha his just probably saying that to get attention

  4. mike Says:

    he has an odd way of showing it

  5. bjoern Says:

    how rude! she was friends with him on twitter.
    shane dawson was also pretty rude. some people think its cool to be rude to miley.
    probly because its easy and on the internet.
    Miley is going to do revenge on him when his 70. going to the hospital and steel his teeth, and say who is the whore now.
    i think perez takes care of himself. i remember seing him in a dress.
    some people are pretty rude.
    btw a cool rude one would be #welovemiley. -because she takes vocal lessons.
    anyway going to listen to put your hands up. some people have taste you know.
    Miley is the best.

  6. bjoern Says:

    oops, edgy.
    have a nice day folks.
    theres miley christmas next year too. and i still got snow. pretty cool.

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