Miley Cyrus Vh1’s ‘The New Virginity’

This video sort of made me mad >:O
What do you guys think about it?
Leave a comment below with your opinion!

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3 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Vh1’s ‘The New Virginity’”

  1. Lena Says:

    this is just not fair…and makes me totally pissed
    come on let Miley live!Let her grow!
    those ppl have a) NO LIFE!!! and b)are just JEALOUS
    and FYI: she was NOT pole-dancing NO NO NO NO!!!
    and just because Britney was a disney-stars and had a really bad time means not that Miley is the same
    Miley is NOT britney!!!
    And come on look at Dakota Fanning and what she is wearing in “The Runaways” she is 15 and looks more like a “slut”.
    I don’t say Fanning is a slut cuz everyone can do what wants OKAY?
    But no when Miley do something than “scandal scandal the next britney” argh makes me furios.And fanning or gomez NO ONE CARES.Just miley does EVERYTHING wrong in the hater-opinins but HATER are just JEALOUS.
    ARGH!!! sry but it makes me pissed.

  2. Alejandra Says:

    I so agree with u I think
    they don’t need to keep bothering Miley

  3. bjoern Says:

    the nature of being a celeb when you are a celeb no matter level

    -do something.
    don`t end up like Hoby from baywatch. (he can take it, one little boy I ravage for the cause of it)

    she has to loose herself in the art to explode into audience and ignore the shit talk, anything nice and cuttly is just too booring.

    What Britney did was keeping her young fans, as she got more ravaged and sexy.

    so Miley does the same.

    I never really listened to britney, maybe one cool song. I like more from Miley. I hope these two stars turn out different. Poor britney. from my perspective. poor me… (;

    GOOD LUCK MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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