Justin Bieber disses Miley?

The following article was featured on OceanUP;

Justin Bieber reportedly gave his opinion of  Taylor SwiftSelena Gomez, & Miley Cyrus to M Magazine. Justin apparently said that Selena Gomez  is ‘cute’, Taylor Swift is like a’ big sister’ and Miley Cyrus is ‘spoiled.’
He also talked about his ideal girl; ‘pretty eyes and a great sense of humor‘ And his ideal date? ‘The beach.’

As soon as that rumor was posted, Twitter was buzzing with people bashing Justin Bieber,
and alot of people got very upset that he would say such a thing.
Fans that bought the magazine said that he did not say this, & it’s all a big lie!
And we can confirm that Justin DID NOT say that about Miley!

Justin infact said, the first thing he thinks of when he hears Miley Cyrus is ‘The Climb’

Rumor Killed!
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2 Responses to “Justin Bieber disses Miley?”

  1. KATI Says:

    I think that is a lie, miley is not damaged. and if he thinks it is so crazy! miley is a goddess :D

  2. idiotnorwegiancrown Says:

    nobody disses Miley.
    and Justin is pretty cool.
    Heres a youtube video:


    2:34 i have never seen this pic before, and its this cool and funky song.

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