‘The Last Song’ Worldwide Release Dates

Miley Cyrus’ highly anticipated movie ‘The Last Song’ will be coming to theatres near you very soon!
According to IMDB these are the release dates:

Germany – April 1st, 2010
USA – April 2nd, 2010
Greece – April 8th, 2010
Netherlands – April 15th, 2010
Turkey – April 16th, 2010
Italy – April 30th, 2010
Argentina – May 6th, 2010
Finland – May 7th, 2010
Norway – May 7th, 2010

Are you excited to see ‘The Last Song’ ?!
Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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6 Responses to “‘The Last Song’ Worldwide Release Dates”

  1. leisha Says:

    will it not be showing in the uk??

  2. Lena Says:

    hey in germany it comes april 29th they changed it

  3. Natalie Says:

    ahh why isn’t there a date for it in the UK? i’ve read the book and can not wait to see it!!!

  4. Beth Says:

    What about the UK?! D: D:

  5. Arianna Says:

    I don’t want to wait till April! It’s to far away!

  6. ManUtd101 Says:

    Will this movie be playing in Johannesburg South Africa and Doha Qatar??

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