Miley covers Mizz magazine!

Miley looking stunning on the cover of Mizz Magazine!

Inside pages:

The magazine states:

Hannah Montana actress Miley Cyrus is the latest super celeb to cover the popular British magazine Mizz. In the issue, mizz chats about all facts about the superstar, from boys to clothes and all the big marks the star has hit in the past year!

Miley’s Boys – Miley’s had her fair share of gorgeous guys on the go, from Nick Jonas to underwear model Justin Gaston and the gorg Liam Hemsworth. Jealous, much?

Tweet Tweet! – Miley’s been a huge fan of Twitter in her time, often posting song lyrics of personal thoughts – many of them a bit random – on the social networking site. But she deleted her account, allegedly following a bust-up with beau Liam Hemsworth over her using it too much. Being Miley, though, she didn’t just quit quietly. No, she posted a video on YouTube of her rapping an explanation for fans, complete with backup dancers!

Miley’s Milestones – Miley’s goals in life are reading the entire Bible, opening a school for children with disabilities, paying her grandmother’s bills, visiting sick children in hospital and producing her younger sister Noah’s first record. Busy Bee!

Miley’s Molars – Miley has to wear braces to keep her teeth straight, but her orthodontist has managed to hide them. They’ve been fitted to the inside surfaces of her gnashers, so they’re virtually unnoticeable!

Miley vs. Selena – Miley and Selena Gomez fell out big time after Miley posted some videos on YouTube poking fun at her Disney colleague. They’ve called a truce, but friends claim there’s still a lot of tension between them!

A Royal RendezVous – Miley met the Queen at the 2009 Royal Variety performance, and wore a very daring dress for the occassion – a bright-orange number that revealed a lot of cleavage! Well, our gal is nothing if not unforgettable!

Credit; @gossipfasho
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