‘Miles To Go’ Paperback

Miley Cyrus has just re-released her best-selling book, Miles To Go!
The new edition is now in paperback, and has 5 brand new chapters.

In one of the new chapters, Miley states 7 things she’s done since the book first came out;

7 Things i’ve done since this book first came out;
1. made a new cd
2. made a new movie
3. hung out with friends and family
4. recorded a song with an old friend
5. saw Hannah Montana get to the big screen!
6. got a goat! (Thanks Daddy!)
7. became addicted to Twitter! (and then deleted it!)”

So make sure you buy the new edition so you can check out what Miley has added to the book!

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This is at a new point in my life, and things are totally changing. But like the sunsets I saw on Tybee Island, the miles i’ve already gone are going to stay with me.” – Miley Cyrus ♥



5 Responses to “‘Miles To Go’ Paperback”

  1. Nileyluvv Says:

    I like number 4 haha <3

  2. caro Says:

    #4 and 7 XDDD

  3. officialnileyluver Says:

    I Love #4 too

  4. Beth Says:

    does anyone if this is gonna be released in the UK?
    it sounds cool >< Miley rocks <33

  5. BiggestMileyFanonearth Says:

    I was really annoyed to find that I couldnt find ‘miles to go’ anywhere in shops! I found a site on ebay- and bought it. After we had bought it i had found out that you could get the new one … and i was gutted! But luckily when i got it- its the new one!! P.S u can get it in the UK

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