Miley’s new blog lashes out at the Enquirer and OceanUP!

Miley takes it to her official website to say that the Enquirer is always a big lie.  OceanUP posted the article on their website (shocker) and they said that Miley threw a big tantrum about Liam moving in with them, and if he doesn’t then Miley is going to move out.

This is exactly what Miley said;
Just fyi don’t believe anything you read by the enquirer EVER! I’ve never read one true thing in that tabloid EVER! Honestly don’t believe any magazine! I’m honest with my fans!!!

Here at Team Cyrus US we always say;
Don’t believe anything you read until you see or hear actual proof of the artist saying it, otherwise it is MOST likely false!”

What do you think about this?
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One Response to “Miley’s new blog lashes out at the Enquirer and OceanUP!”

  1. jeanessa Says:

    miley , you dont leave to please anyone but yourself, do what your gut says

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