Miley is in it for the LONG run!

Miley’s hit single can not get any bigger. This famous superstar has received numerous awards for this song alone. The media just can’t get enough.

Miley made record history for Disney,  when Party In The U.S.A. was first out on iTunes in the first day it became #1 and sold over 350,000. Hollywood Records states that Miley did beat the record on the first week a song came out most downloaded. But now over 4 months later. That song made it in the TOP 3 song most downloaded with over 3.5 million downloads. She was along with Lil’ Wayne and Jay Sean. The song still is at #13 on iTunes most downloaded until today!

This is what they said, Song Scorecard: Miley Cyrus’ Party In The U.S.A” and “Down” by Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne both topped the 3 million mark in paid downloads this week. It’s Lil Wayne’s third song to reach this level, counting both lead and supporting roles. “Lollipop ” (featuring Static Major) has sold 3,723,000 downloads. Kevin Rudolf’s “Let It Rock ” (on which Lil Wayne is featured) has sold 3,580,000.”

This article is straight from Yahoo’s music blogs!

REMINDER: This is just from what people paid, people have other way’s of not paying to get it on their ipod. Wonder how many more millions?? :)

Congrats Miley!
Who else do you think should have made the top 3 most downloaded song?
Let us know leave a comment below!

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