Miley and Liam romantic beach date

Miley Cyrus and her co-star boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth share a romantic kiss on the beach in Australia.
Miley was spending time in Australia, with Liam and his family for New Year’s!
The two lovers are currently back in L.A. :)

 It looks like they had a good time in Australia, but we are glad they are back in the US :)
Click the pictures to make them bigger.
Pictures; Miley Online France.
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5 Responses to “Miley and Liam romantic beach date”

  1. star Says:

    they luk sooooo cute im rite chuffed 4 them

  2. alice Says:

    Aw they are adorable!

  3. ellen Says:

    when it was?Oo

  4. Jennifer Says:

    adorable. Miley seems happy(:

  5. smiley :) Says:

    I like nick better
    But at least she happy
    I luv herrr

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