Miley says her tattoo is REAL!

Everyone was surprised when Disney Queen, Miley Cyrus was seen with a tattoo under her heart.
Miley recently told Harper’s Baazar that it is real!
The cursive writing is her mom’s, and the reason Miley decided to get the tattoo was because of the loss of one of her closest friends Vanessa, who died from Cystic Fybrosis & for the loss of both of her grandfathers who died from Lung Cancer.

Cyrus told the magazine;
It reminds me not to take things for granted. I mean breathing – that was something none of them could do, the most basic thing. And i put it near my heart because that’s where they will always be.”

But what about the pain?

Miley says;
It really doesn’t hurt if you’re thinking about the meaning, I could never get a meaningless tattoo, but i think that if you’re doing something that’s important, that’s significant in your life, it takes some of the pain away.”

To read the rest of Miley’s interview make sure you buy a copy of Harper’s Baazar due out in Febuary :)
What do you think of Miley’s tattoo? Leave us a comment below!
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4 Responses to “Miley says her tattoo is REAL!”

  1. TheTruth Says:

    Was a sweet tribute …I get that. And it is her body to do with what she pleases, BUT …what was with all the verbage about “I am not ready for a tattoo” ..blah blah? She said that like a month before the pictures came out. Also, I think the tat was just another attempt to shed the good girl Disney image ….but make people not hate on her by attaching the tat to a “tribute” to lost ones. But, it is her life and body so rock on Miley. HBIC fo sho.

  2. Lena Says:

    She has a good reason and it is her life.So she can do what she want.I like that tattoo and for her friend Vanessa it’s an honor.So many peepz and many stars have tattoo’s so I think it’s not bad.Okay she is 17 but come on who cares?!It’s her life she can do whatever she want and I’ll ALWAYS support her.

  3. 09AWARDZ Says:

    She needs that one. The only real thing about her. Not seen a more wrecking star in the world. This girl is truly nasty.

  4. 09AWARDZ Says:

    Nietche warned us about this. The brat.
    Disney has many of these now, and it affects our young ones. Very bad for our future generations. And Disney lets it happen because they need the cash. So does Miley. Disney turns in the grave. And nobody notice before its too late. Go miley.

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