Miley to go to College?

Brooke Shields
has told Miley Cyrus that she wants her to get a college education, according to the rumors. Shields, who went to Princeton University and got a degree in French Literature in 1987, feels like everyone needs something to fall back on. Makes sense!

Miley Cyrus, 17, is rumored to be considering college now after reports surfaced last year that she tossed the option. She is currently home-schooled.

The super-secret sources provided more info on Shields’ and Cyrus’s talks of higher education… keep in mind that this is from Star, but here goes:

Brooke’s been pushing Miley to go to college,” a source told the mag. “She says she needs something to fall back on.”

The source spilled that Miley is planning on applying to college in 2010. “She’d love to be an Ivy Leaguer like Brooke,” the insider said. While I might not imagine Miss Cyrus as Ivy League material per say, she did admit that she’d like to study photography in London.

Do you think Miley will go to college?!
Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think :)

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