Poll of the Day results!

The Poll of the Day was a huge hit, so i’m definately going to be doing it everyday :)

Today’s poll was; ‘Who do you think Miley looks cutest with?’
Over 2,860 people voted & here are the results:

Tied for last place are Justin Gaston, Mitchel Musso & Lucas Till with 20 votes each.
3rd place goes to ‘Anyone as long as she’s happy!” with 277 votes.
and for 2nd & 1st place …
Liam Hemsworth & Nick Jonas were both fighting for the top spot all day but the winner is …

Liam Hemsworth! With 1,407 votes!

Nick Jonas followed in 2nd place with 1,118 votes!

So it seems like most of our readers think that Miley looks the best with Liam!
Who did you vote for? Comment below and let us know :)
Tomorrows Poll of the Day will be posted tomorrow when i wake up.

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5 Responses to “Poll of the Day results!”

  1. caro Says:

    Miley and Liam, Nick can keep dating bubblee head :)

  2. serena Says:

    niley 4 ever hate miam ewww that name burnssss

  3. Nini! Says:

    Wtf? Liam! ¬¬ Whattttt! Okay Niley forever! I hate Miley and Liam! Okay im happy if she is happy but i hate Liam and Miley as couple!

  4. min Says:

    Liam won bc anti-Niley,Selena fans, Nelena fans, kids in love with Nick to vote liam

  5. bjoern Says:

    I like it.
    bjoerniley, in a perfect world.

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