Buy the same exact necklace as Miley Cyrus!

So i know alot of people out there love Miley’s style, and wish they can have it for themselves!
Well, i have the same exact necklace that Miley has and i’ll show you where to get it :)

This is a still from Miley’s Party in the U.S.A music video, do you see the necklace she is wearing?

Well here is a closeup of the necklace:

 Miley’s been seen wearing this necklace all over the place, like on the Today Show, her Party in the USA music video, and in candid pictures of her out and about :)

The necklace is only $22.00 plus shipping and handling,
and you can buy it
The necklace is made my RockLoveJewelry :)
You can follow the owner of Rock Love Jewelry on Twitter – @RockLoveJewelry.
If you purchase a necklace, or follow her on Twitter make sure you tell her that Nicole from @TeamCyrusUS sent you :)
I have the necklace so i’m sure all of you are going to love it, make sure you order yours today!


2 Responses to “Buy the same exact necklace as Miley Cyrus!”

  1. Marjory Beauregard Says:

    You guys have just got to check out this great sale!! Up to 80% off on fine jewelry! Just click on my name or go to I don’t know how long it will last!

  2. jess Says:

    where can I get mileys locket she wears and name necklace??

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