Poll of the Day!

Hey guys, so i’m thinking about doing a Poll of the Day for each day :)
I think it would be a good idea, to see what everyone’s opinions are!
The winner of the poll will be announced at the end of the day.

Follow me on Twitter to find out who the winner is! @TeamCyrusUS :)

UPDATE: Poll is closed! Liam Hemsworth won with 1,407 votes! Stay tuned for the next Poll of the Day! Thank you for everyone who participated :)


7 Responses to “Poll of the Day!”

  1. Nileyluvv Says:

    Nick + Miley = ♥ ;DD

  2. roxandara Says:

    any Liam+Miley here? =D

  3. caro Says:

    Nick and Liam and miley single ;)

  4. NicknMiley Says:

    I love her and Nick together.

  5. Viiiandhearts Says:

    Who the hell wuld chose liam hes ugly n controlling while nick is sweet n caring

  6. Kristy Says:


  7. sesemic Says:

    She is beautifull for herself.

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