Miley’s 2010 Latin America tour?

Rumor Has It:

Miley’s high enticipated ‘Wonder World’ concert show disappointed thousands in the world due to Miley not bring wonder world WORLD wide. But Miley MIGHT be coming back with a come back to all those people who couldn’t go see her in concert in 2009.

In late April or early May Miley will be holding a Latin America tour in Argentina and it’s going to expand to Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and possibly Panama.

These shows will not be based under the ‘Wonder World’ tour shows, but a completely new exotic show that Miley and her crew will put together.

Who knows maybe this mini tour will be the reason why Miley’s upcoming movie, ‘Wings’ Will not be in production until 2011.

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3 Responses to “Miley’s 2010 Latin America tour?”

  1. fgdfc Says:

    dfshgfghsig!!!! omg i read this yesterday but i couldn’t believe it

  2. Jennifer Says:

    oh my gosh! i hope she does come. i’d die<3

  3. funnyeuropean Says:

    theres likes groups of people signing boxes, and requesting Miley to come holding shows. awesome reward for them if this is right.

    I wonder when the second HM movie is coming out. I hope it`s about keeping the secret and making this dual super hero personality. And more people are talking about who Miley is, but nobody ever finds out.

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