#MCandNJ a trending topic on Twitter!

Niley fans are extremely excited for a 2010 Niley year, though the Nelena fans strongly disagree and they say it’s a Nelena 2010 the two are batteling it out with the one place that word gets around fastest TWITTER! So far the Niley fans are dominating 2010, but I guess we will have to wait and see what the Nelena fans shout out at us.

Already The 2nd of January 2010 Niley fans came out strong and trended #MCandNJ for Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas.

So who do you support Niley or Nelena? Leave a comment below!

Major shoutout to @WeSupportNiley for starting it :)
Follow us on Twitter; @teamcyrusus & @weadoremiley :)


3 Responses to “#MCandNJ a trending topic on Twitter!”

  1. KellyAdamJonas Says:

    NILEY <3. Niley wins all.

  2. maria Says:


  3. niiiley Says:

    2010 will be a NILEY year!!! yep yep Nelena fans u have no chance Sel has a crush on justin bieber and so he does!!! HA!! NILEY 4-ever

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