Hannah Montana, Miley says goodbye?

The Suspense is killing me!

Hannah Montana, Miley Says GOODBYE?

Hannah Montana DVD, Miley Says Goodbye? will contain 5 episodes plus the premiere of the Season 3 finale before it airs on TV. The episode presents Miley Stewart  with a pivotal decision-making moment about staying in Hollywood or returning home to Tennessee. Hits stores March 9, 2010. Stills ShineOnMedia.

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One Response to “Hannah Montana, Miley says goodbye?”

  1. bjoern Says:

    i don`t thinks its in the cards Miley just leaving. Thinks actors could stay for more seasons, and Miley could invite more celeb friends, like the larry family. for sparks.
    whatever happens this girl will hit block busters with unique actress skills and a new song.

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