Miley Cyrus: Gossip Celebrity Finalist #2

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“Miley Cyrus, this year, is again among the top contenders for The Hollywood Gossip magazine’s selection for unique celebrity and this is the second year she stands at #2. This award features celebrities who have been in the news for various reasons throughout the past year. The celebrities can get into more newsworthy business like a hit film, break-ups, scandals, link-ups and even being nominated for any awards.

The celebrities should be in the news for a major part of the year to be nominated for the ranking and Miley Cyrus fits the criterion. In fact 2009 is the second time when she is featuring among the top possibilities. During the course of the year she has covertly maintained her affair with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.

Miley has matured over the year 2009 in terms of her acting skills. She has also been seen in public, wearing dresses more suitable to her youth star fame and image.  She has maintained her trendy pop singer look making proper fashion statements.

May be next year she would be able to better her ranking with few more strong and more talked about gossips to hit the headlines in celebrity news dailies and websites. Miley Cyrus’s popularity will get a boost this year if the news of her relationship comes out more in public domain for rumor mills consumption.”

Article straight from here!

Congratulations Miley! Hope you have a beautiful 2010 year, with more hit films, songs, movies to come! Stay strong!

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