Site Fakes Liam Hemsworth “Interview” About Miley Cyrus

Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth may be a new name on the gossip scene, but outlets are already giving Miley Cyrus‘ co-star in “The Last Song” the classic “treatment” in bad dish.

In a “short interview” credited to the Herald-Sun, Hemsworth responds to a question about whether he’s dating Cyrus by (supposedly) saying, “Miley is obviously not bad looking and a very sweet girl… yeah, we are great friends.” The comments about his rumored romance made waves immediately.

Tiny problem.

Hemsworth’s representative tells Gossip Cop, “Liam never said this.” “I believe this is a made up interview,” he added, saying, “They have taken answers from other pieces.”

Or from their own imagination.

At one point, Hemsworth “reveals” that he Tweets, and the piece gives Twitter accounts for both Hemsworth and his actor brother Chris. Don’t get too excited, though.

Liam “never would have a Twitter” account, according to the rep.

Credit Gossip Cop.
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