Miley’s name influences parents!

New parents are naming their baby girls after timeless beauty Miley Ray Cyrus, reports MSNBC‘Aiden‘ and ‘Madeline’ were the top baby names this year, but it’s celebrities who have had the most influence on parents, boosting the popularity of ‘Miley,’ ‘Rihanna’ & ‘Kingston.’

Other celebrity influences on names include Khloe [Kardashian], Marley, after the romantic comedy film Marley & Me, Malia, inspired by President Barack Obama’s daughter as well as fictional characters from the movie Twilight, Edward, Cullen, Bella & Esme.

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One Response to “Miley’s name influences parents!”

  1. WeSupportNilena Says:

    Aw! Miley rocks! I love her, she’s so gracious and lovely and pure. :) She’s human and made mistakes. Team Miley Forever!

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