Miley Cyrus among Top 50 celebrities who use fame to raise money for charity

Miley Cyrus is using her name and celebrity status for a good cause. The Hannah Montana star and real life Disney princess is listed on The Daily Beast’s Celebrity Impact Rankings Top 50, bringing in more than $106 thousand dollars for her charity of choice, The American Red Cross.

Cyrus’ annual impact of  $106,164 to the Red Cross landed her the #41 spot on the list. The ranking doesn’t necessarily mean Cyrus donated $106k to the Red Cross, it means her relationship (as a an ambassador for the charity, board member, or face of the cause) generated that amount of money in 2009. Of Cyrus’ contribution, The Daily Beast writes, “Cyrus’s impact is hard to quantify. Her Get UR Good On, a partnership with Youth Service of America, is designed to spur social networking, volunteer projects for teens, and dole out small grants for specific community projects. She presented a $1 million check from Disney to the YSA during her Sweet 16 last year. She’s also a member of the American Red Cross’s National Celebrity Cabinet.”

Credit fan4lyf.
Article from Examiner.


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